Review of TDS Cattery. 12.26.2022After

Review of TDS Cattery. 12.26.2022

After looking for a kitty for 4 months, my sister sent me a photo of the Scottish Fold kitties from TDS, Terra D’oro Santo Cattery and it was love at first sight for me.

I had had Scottish Folds in the past and was very familiar with their loving and playful dispositions:-). The breeders were leaving soon to go to Europe to expand their cattery and I was aware of another buyer on the horizon so I needed to make a decision quickly. I found myself on a plane from LA to Charlotte in 3 days to pick up Amaretta:-).

As Lana ( Mother ) and Alena ( daughter ) have said, “ if you are looking for gold “
and I would add …I found it, as she is a Golden Chinchilla Scottish Fold and truly Golden.

My Vet has said that “she is perfect in every way.’’

Lana and Alena provided any and all information that I would need to care for Amaretta as they cared for her to include her nutrition plan, supplements, toys, health plan with dates, and basically a “how to” on everything I could think of. So incredibly through and heads and shoulders above the previous breeders I had used that I could tell from her loving nature right from the beginning, playfulness and disposition that she was very loved and well taken care of in their home. They are truly the Best of Breeders!