how to choose a scottish fold kitten

Why you need a kitten?

How to choose a Scottish fold kitten: learn more about it before you begin.

Before buying a Scottish Fold kitten, decide why you are doing this. Do you want to have a friend and companion? Is it possible that you are making ambitious plans – to raise a champion and win awards at shows, or do you want to become a breeder of this breed? For each of these purposes, there are different criteria for choosing a Scottish Fold kitten.


Please be aware of where and from whom you are purchasing a Scottish fold or Scottish Straight kitten. It is very important to buy healthy kittens, especially Scottish Folds/Straights. There are many scammers. backyard breeders, and copycats found across the internet that are trying to take advantage of buyers across the world

Be aware of these scammers’ red flags when looking to buy a kitten:

  • immediate approval
  • price is significantly below average
  • sellers main focus is the payment right away
  • cheap shipping cost/delivery
  • telling you to send money in order to transfer ownership papers
  • lack of communication especially over the phone and video chats
  • they won’t take new/more recent pictures

Be aware of these backyard breeders’ red flags when looking to buy a kitten:

  • they sell on craigslist, eBay, or pet stores
  • they offer minimal medical security
  • they don’t have proof of genetic testing
  • they cannot provide medical or veterinary records for the kittens
  • they sell kittens before they are 8 weeks old
  • they don’t allow you to see where the kittens are kept
  • they have kittens available for sale all year long

If you want to learn more, ask questions, get advice, or simply chat with someone about these topics, feel free to check out our private Facebook Group “Kit 4 Cat and Kittens”

“This group was created for the sole purpose of connecting registered breeders, buyers, couriers and cats lovers across North America (Canada, USA and Mexico).
It’s a safe place to ask questions, offer recommendations, and general communications that may occur dedicated to cats. You can find lists of reputable/unethical breeders, buyers, couriers, cat health related questions and many more.
Hopefully we can grow this group to help each other, learn more about cats, how to choose right and healthy kitten, prevent others from being scammed, taken advantage of, etc.
Let’s stand together for kittens health and good standard.”

3 Classes of Scottish Fold Cats


This is the simplest class. It includes thoroughbred kittens that have any shortcomings (deviations from breed standards, defects, developmental delays). Kittens of this class are sold exclusively as pets, not for exhibitions and breeding.


Kittens that fully comply with the breed standards, without flaws and deviations from the standards. Breed class animals can take part in breeding and exhibitions, but are unlikely to succeed


Kittens of this class have the highest breed value. It is they who are the brightest representatives of the breed, able to compete at exhibitions for high places and give excellent offspring.

What next?

Need more help figuring out how to choose a Scottish Fold Kitten?

Depending on the breed class of Scottish Fold kittens, the price is also different. The cost of Show class kittens can be twice the cost of Breed class kittens, and 3 times the price of Pet class kittens.

When you have decided on the class of the kitten, you need to decide on the cattery where you will purchase the animal. We recommend buying kittens only from trusted Scottish Fold breeders and registered catteries that have been operating for more than one year, have a serious breeding program, are tested for possible genetic diseases, thus monitoring the genetic health of the offspring.

In addition, kittens’ parents must pass an exhibition examination, and have at least “excellent” marks, and even better breed champion titles and higher. This is called the reputation of the nursery. Having this reputation will help you buy a healthy and beautiful kitten, and will give you the confidence that your lovely fluffy baby will grow into a thoroughbred Siberian cat with excellent Siberian health. Buying a kitten from unverified breeders does not guarantee the receipt of a purebred animal, and there is also a risk of buying a kitten, which may have health problems in the future.

Pay attention to the conditions under which the cats are kept by the breeder, whether they are well-groomed, how clean the house is, whether the water in the bowls is clean, whether the kittens have toys, because they allow the kittens to develop according to their age. Ask if the kitten is accustomed to the tray and the scratching post. At 1.5-2 months, the kitten should already uninterruptedly cope with its natural needs in the tray, as well as scratch its claws in a certain place.

The character of all kittens is different, and if a kitten does not run to play with you, this does not mean at all that he is withdrawn and not sociable. He just doesn’t trust you at the moment, because you are a complete stranger to him, with a strange smell, and in this situation, his self-preservation instinct turned on. If you liked it, do not give up your choice immediately.

It is better to look at the behavior of the mother of the kittens, and if the father of the kittens lives with the same breeder, on the behavior of the father. If they are affectionate, contact, then the kitten, after we get used to you, will be the same, it just needs time. Cats don’t have flashy expressions of appreciation like dogs, and sometimes their trust needs to be earned.

If you have chosen a kitten that you like and plan to pick it up right away, ask the breeder what kind of food the Scottish Fold kitten eats. If it’s a ready-made professional food, find out if they are sold in regular pet stores. If not, ask the breeder to feed you some before you get food. If the food is not sold in regular pet stores, find out where the breeder buys it himself. Many professional and competent breeders order food in bulk directly from the exclusive distributors of a particular food, and offer the owners of their kittens to participate in such purchases, which in the end turns out to be cheaper in price and eliminates the possibility of buying fake food.

Often Scottish Fold breeders offer to reserve a kitten if it is still small and it is not yet time to take it from its mother. This is the best option, because you will have time to prepare for the arrival of your new Scottish Fold baby, buy everything you need, eliminate the dangers that may be in your house before the arrival of the kitten.

To make a reservation, you will need to pay a deposit, which usually does not exceed 50% of the value of the animal. A competent breeder will also offer you to conclude an Agreement, which is a written agreement between the parties, stipulates the rights and obligations of the breeder and the buyer, and in the future will help to eliminate certain disputes.

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