first year with scottish fold kitten

Your First Year of Life with a Scottish Fold Kitten

As a Scottish Fold breeder, I have seen many new owners excitedly welcome their furry bundle of joy into their home. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming for both the kitten and the owner.

That’s why I want to give you a breeder’s perspective on what to expect in the first year of life with your Scottish Fold kitten.

The first few weeks

The first few weeks of your kitten’s life will be spent with its mother and littermates. During this time, your kitten will learn important socialization skills and receive vital nutrition from its mother’s milk. As a breeder, I make sure that all my kittens receive the proper care and socialization they need to thrive.

When you bring your kitten home, it may be nervous and uncertain in its new surroundings. It’s essential to give your kitten a quiet and comfortable space to retreat to when it feels overwhelmed. Provide plenty of toys, bedding, and food and water dishes in a safe, enclosed area.

Two Scottish Fold Kittens sitting side by side
Scottish Fold Kittens


Your kitten will need to see a veterinarian for a check-up and vaccinations during the first few weeks of its life with you. It’s essential to establish a good relationship with your veterinarian and follow their advice on vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, and any other healthcare needs your kitten may require.


Your Scottish Fold kitten needs a well-balanced diet to grow and thrive. As a breeder, I recommend feeding your kitten high-quality kitten food that is appropriate for their age and stage of life. Be sure to provide plenty of fresh, clean water at all times.


Training your kitten is an essential part of its development. You’ll want to start with the basics, such as reinforcing litter box training, and gradually work your way up to more advanced training techniques. Scottish Folds are intelligent cats and are known to be quick learners, so training your kitten can be a fun and rewarding experience for both of you.

first year of life with a scottish fold kitten

Growth and development

Your Scottish Fold kitten will grow and develop quickly during the first year of life. By twelve months of age, your kitten will be close to its adult size and weight. It’s essential to provide your kitten with plenty of opportunities to exercise and play to help it develop strong muscles and bones.


Scottish Folds are known for their friendly, easy-going personalities. As your kitten grows, you’ll get to know its unique personality and quirks.

Scottish Folds are affectionate cats and love to be around their owners. They are also playful and enjoy interactive playtime.

In conclusion, the first year of life with your Scottish Fold kitten will be an exciting and rewarding experience. With proper care, nutrition, and training, your kitten will grow into a happy and healthy adult cat. As a breeder, I am always available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on how to care for your new furry family member.

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