We take pride in our Scottish Fold and British kittens and want to ensure that they are going to a good home. If you are interested in our kittens please click “Kitten Application” and fill out our questionnaire so we could get to know you more. Once you fill it out, we will look it over and get in touch with you.

Scottish Fold/Straight litter
Born 01.05.24

*Litter open for reservation*

Scottish Fold/Straight litter
Born 01.23.24

*Litter not ready for reservation*

British litter
Born 01.24.24

*Litter not ready for reservation*

You can find out more about the process of buying a Scottish Fold kitten or British Shorthair kitten from us under “conditions for purchasing kittens”. There you will also find everything that will be provided along with your furry friend.

Thank you for choosing TDS cattery to adopt your kitten from. We appreciate your trust and loyalty to our precious packages. While you’re here, be sure to read some facts about Scottish Fold Cats on our blog.

Scottish Fold cats are a breed of domestic cat with folded ears. They are known for their sweet dispositions and their cute, fluffy appearance. If you are thinking about adding a Scottish Fold cat to your family, then you are in for a treat! Read More about the Scottish Fold Cat at TICA’s Website (The International Cat Association)