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According to already established experiences from us and other Scottish Fold catteries and by trial and error in the nursery, there are unchanging and well-established rules. They are explained very simply if we take into account everything that the breeder is using to eliminate the mistakes that have already been made and the inconvenience and losses incurred for this reason from others’ experiences.

This implies:

1. The cattery does not maintain wishlists of those wishing to purchase a kitten. When using wishlists a buyer can come back with “already bought one”, “found a kitten somewhere else”, and so on. Therefore, lists and queues are completely useless, taking a lot of personal and extra time, which do not bring any result in the end, except negative emotions on both sides for both the potential buyer and the breeder. Applications for a certain color type are not accepted. It is not predicted the likelihood of a particular type or color being born. Each kitten will find its home completely calmly and without any queue for it and there is no need to keep a list of someone’s desires.

2. Kittens are not “held” for anyone without a reservation agreement. The kitten is available to any potential buyer until a deposit is put down, only then does the kitten become “Reserved”. The reason is very simple, often buyers that are looking to purchase a kitten may end up changing their mind at the last minute. That causes the breeder to lose time and other potential buyers who were more interested in purchasing a kitten.

3. The reservation is $500 and applied towards the final cost and occurs when the kitten is 8 weeks of age. In case of “force majeure” on the buyer’s part, the reservation is not returned and this must be taken seriously. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that a suddenly discovered allergy to cats is also not a valid reason for returning the reservation. Therefore, before you decide to purchase a kitten, we strongly recommend that you study all the possible outcomes and questions regarding such purchases. Before making a reservation for our kitten, you must be aware of the seriousness of your intentions and understand the meaning of the word “reserve” – ​​in order to protect yourself from further unpleasant emotions and unforeseen expenses.

4. The kitten leaves the cattery at the age of 14-16 weeks (+/-). Kittens will be vaccinated, dewormed, trained, with good manners, and already spayed/neutered. TDS cattery allows sales for pet/show kitten only with zero exception for breeding (this issue is not subject to discussion).

5. The price of kittens as pets is directly dependent on the quality and color type of gold. The set price for a kitten is final.

6. All kittens available for reserve appear on the site under “Our Felines” → “Available Kittens” section. In the profile of each kitten, you can get the maximum information about them for the current period of time, as well as about the possibility and timing of their reservation. Information on the site is updated frequently and is always up to date.

7. For any additional questions or information, please contact us at or Mobile (256) 417-7630

Rules for reservation, payment, and transfer of kittens to new owners in our cattery

Application for a kitten

1. Those who want to buy a kitten in our cattery should understand that we do not have kittens in constant stock, that our cats give birth only once a year, maximum 3 times in 2 years! Therefore, we have provided an opportunity for a preliminary APPLICATION for a kitten from future owners.

2. If there are currently no kittens in the cattery, do not despair. You can leave an APPLICATION, where you indicate your wishes for the future kitten and your contacts. Once an application has been submitted, it will be processed by us. The breeder will contact you about when the next litter of kittens is expected.

3. After the birth of the litter, the Breeder contacts EVERYONE who left applications for kittens, regardless of their number. Applications are prioritized by the date they are sent by the future owners. If there are more applications than kittens were born, then applications remain for the next litter in agreement with the future owner. It happens that people did not wait and bought a kitten in another city or another cattery, then such an application is canceled and the kitten is offered to the next person on the list. In any case, we always contact everyone who left a request, inform them about the number of kittens and the possibility of buying.


1. Reservation of kittens takes place after they are 8 weeks old, we inform everyone who has previously confirmed their application for a kitten that the kittens are ready for “bride-in” and reservation. You can come to meet the kitten (if you are able) and if everything suits you, you make a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 that goes to the total cost of the kitten (non-refundable due to lost opportunities of other placement and boarding during holding time).

2. All questions of payment, as well as the size of the advance payment, are resolved individually with each buyer!

3. A kitten is considered reserved only after the reservation agreement is signed and the deposit is paid! The process of discussing the purchase is not a guarantee that the kitten will be yours.

4. Terra D’oro Santo Cattery has the right to decline sale of kitten to future buyer without any reasoning at any time.


The transfer of the kitten to the Buyer is carried out after the conclusion of the relevant agreement for a preliminary 100% payment for the cost of the kitten (by bank transfer to the Cattery’s bank account) and 100% payment for delivery services (for non-residents). Payment can be made in installments. Full payment must be made before the kitten leaves Terra D’oro Santo Cattery to the future owner.

Transfer of kittens to
new owners

Transfer of kittens to a new Owner younger than 12 weeks of age is not performed. By the age of 3 months, the kittens are socially adapted, eats on their own, accustomed to the scratching post and litter box, fully vaccinated against infectious diseases, and dewormed.

Kittens are sold only on the basis of the concluded Animal (Kitten) Sales and Purchase Agreement to a new Owner, which is drawn up in the cattery, by mail or “electronic” way (for nonresident).

Preparation for the transfer to the new Owner of the kitten is carried out only after making the full payment for the kitten and paying the overhead costs associated with preparing the kitten for transportation to another city or region.

The following documents are attached to the Kitten Purchase and Sale Agreement for the new Owner:

  • Documents from the Veterinarian such as: full medical record (vaccines/free of diseases/dewormed/flea treated), spay/neuter document – free of charge.
  • Statement from Veterinarian of clearing kitten for travel and wellness check (1-2 days prior to departure) – free of charge.
  • Recommendations for care and maintenance of kitten in new home – free of charge.
  • Recommendations for grooming of cats for the exhibition/show – free of charge.
  • A Breeder Slip from TICA confirming the origin of the animal – free of charge.
  • Buyer can request any additional tests for specific kitten – for extra charge (Parents are tested and cleared from common feline diseases and viruses).


Delivery of the kitten is carried out at the expense of the buyer (future Owner) . The cost of transportation is calculated individually, taking into account the personal capabilities of the customer, as well as the costs of delivery. The cost of transportation by air directly depends on the distance, date of travel and the weight of your pet in the container.

Delivery by car discussed individually dependent on distance, cost of gas, and etc.

On the road, the kitten receives with them (at the cost of the buyer):

  • Pet nanny ticket (for travel in cabin only)
  • Pet Ticket (airline travel in cabin)
  • Airline requirements for air travel (Veterinary Travel Certificate)
  • Container for transportation
  • Tray and filler
  • Harness (for ease of transportation)
  • Waterproof underpads for animals
  • Bowls for food and water
  • A bag of food
  • Toys

About the contract

The kitten is not a toy.

When purchasing a kitten, an agreement is signed, which protects the rights and obligations of both the Breeder and the Owner. For example, a point concerning a very common problem – allergies. Therefore, if you are not sure that you and your loved ones do not have allergies, it is better to find out before purchasing a kitten by doing the appropriate tests with an allergist. In the event of an unexpected occurrence of an allergy to an animal, the standard contract provides for the return of the animal to the cattery WITHOUT reimbursement of its cost. Firstly, moving from one house to another and back is definitely stressful for them, and secondly, when taking a kitten back to their house, the Breeder will have to ensure that the kitten is quarantined, isolated from their other animals in the cattery, and completed a veterinary assessment.

The Cattery will provide:

  • All the necessary information about care, feeding and maintenance of a kitten.
  • a 72 hour timeline for the new owner to take kitten to their vet for assessment/ wellness check-up.
  • 5 year genetic health warranty and 1 year general health warranty. If any issues are found, cattery will take kitten back for full refund.
  • Lifetime breeder support


The Cattery is not responsible for the costs associated with the future treatment and vaccination of the kitten.

When you decided to purchase a kitten from us, you Buyer, is the responsible:

· Provide the kitten with food and accommodation throughout its life;
· Provide the kitten with veterinary care and timely treatment;
· Exclude keeping the kitten in drafts, near open windows or air conditioners. It is necessary to provide the animal with a dry and warm room. Keep a kitten on the street or in a cage is a violation of the contract;
· Do not allow the kitten to go outside and walk on its own;
· Do not remove its claws and teeth (unless for dental emergencies);
· Do not take the kitten to a shelter, pet store or laboratory for research;
· Surround the animal with care, affection and attention from the first day of its appearance in your house.

It is very important for us to give the kitten into the caring hands of responsible and loving owners. If you are just that person, our fluffy, purring kittens are waiting for you with impatience.

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