“One cat just leads to another”

Ernest Hemingway

About us

Are you looking for gold? Then you are on the right track…

We are glad to welcome you to the page of Scottish cattery!

Our names are Lana (mother) and Alena (daughter). We are small family operated Scottish Fold/Straight cattery Terra D’oro Santo  in Burlington, North Carolina


The Name

Why did we choose the name Terra D’oro Santo? There’s a few reasons, we love to travel, explore new places and culture. One of our favorite places is Italy, pizza and pasta. Also, we love the sound of Italian. So, our cattery name Terra D’oro Santo comes from Italy and translates to “Holy Golden Land”. We specialized on Golden Scottish folded and straight ears cats (chinchilla, shaded, ticked and spotted).  Golden color is very rare and hard to find. Our goal developed to achieve the truly saturated green eyes to all our kittens. Only in our cattery you can find Scottish kittens of a rare golden color, especially chinchillas, with neat little ears and beautiful green eyes.

Our story

We had cats all our live, but never thought about breeding them.However, our journey begins in 2021, when we unexpectedly lost one of our fur babies Biscuit due to kidney cancer and PKD. He was an adorable short blue color Persian exotic cat. Most importantly, he was our family member, spoiled and oh so very loved. It was huge tragedy for all us. Its took a long time to recovery from our loss but finally we decided that we are ready to bring a new kitten into our family.

Our intention wasn’t to substitute our Biscuit so we started looking at breeds other than Persian that had similar characteristics. After going to many cat shows and months of research on different breeds, we finally found the one. We fell in love with the British and Scottish short hair cats. It was a tough decision to make since these two breeds look a like however, upon further research we found the Scottish fold. We immediately fell for their “baby faces”, big round eyes, soft fur and personality. Scottish cats are one of the best at cuddles, perfect with kids and elderly, playful, funny, gentle and typically do not release their claws (More about Scottish breed, personalities and behavior see here).

We looked for our new kitten for several month but couldn’t find the perfect Golden Scottish Fold kitten for us in the USA. After a while, we were lucky to bring our fur baby from overseas. We named him Kruassan, in Biscuit’s memory. He was soooo handsome, adorable and had one of the best personalities. We were amazed by his aristocracy and affectionate character. He can sit as …. a Meercat but look like an owl.

When we brought our first Scottish Fold kitten home, we had no idea that it will turn into the Scottish cattery.  We never thought that breeding and cats would someday become a part of our lives.

Here we go !

We wanted another kitten friend for our Kruassan. It’s a difficult process to find a Golden Scottish fold in good health and proper genotypes, but we decided to have more Golden Scottish cats and open our cattery so more people could enjoy golden Scottish cats with green eyes.

After searching the globe for the best goldens, we got Sire Éclair, Dam Dolche de Leche and Ejevichka (Blackberry). All cats’ names in our cattery will be associated with bakery or food, in memory of our baby boy Biscuit. All animals that live with us are our family members, without cages and enclosures. Because of this we don’t have 20+ cats as you might find at other catteries. Each of them are beautiful and spoiled; the kittens grow up in an atmosphere of love and are surrounded by attention and care from the whole family.

Breeding work

In our cattery, we are primarily engaged in breeding work, so we strive to get kittens that fully comply with the breed standard, affectionate and with good health. We carefully monitor the health of kittens and their parents. Before admission to breeding, our “producers” must undergo a genetic examination and pass tests for dangerous diseases. We strive to get kittens of “clean” lines. Therefore, we take a very responsible approach to the choice of parents of future kittens.

We buy cats for breeding only from parents with champion titles and excellent pedigree.

We couldn’t imagine our lives without cats! We take pride in our hobby of cat breeding.

Sincerely, Lana and Alena!

P.S. all cattery cats microchipped, registered at TICA and WCF, full DNA tested (by Basepaws), free of genetic diseases (OCD, PKD), free of FeLV/FIV and GI/Resp PCR, with vaccines that are up-to-date, all kittens registered at TICA and vaccinated as well