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scottish fold cats for sale in north carolina

Scottish Fold and british Kittens for Sale

Scottish Fold Kittens are among the most popular breed of Pedigree cat due to their big round eyes that embellish their character, and their round heads. They have sweet temperaments that will fill your heart with nothing but love and admiration for the Scottish Fold.

Get Some Facts About Scottish Fold and British Cats

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Our names are Lana (Mother) and Alena(Daughter) and we’re a small family-operated Scottish Fold/Scottish Straight Cattery.

Our Cattery is: Terra D’oro Santo and we’re located in Burlington, North Carolina

British and Scottish Fold/Straight Kittens are very inquisitive and loyal to their family. These cats will typically be found following you around the house, watching you do chores, and entertaining you on a rainy day. They do well with other pets and children.

The British or Scottish Fold/Straight kitten is a great choice for someone looking for a friendly, adorable kitten to love.

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Available kittens

Kittens are ready to leave our home and move to new owner no earlier than they are 14-16 weeks old, vaccinated, microchipped, spayed/neutered, socialized and have received enough immunity from mother’s milk

Hous Of Paws

Modular houses for your beloved friends. Assemble the house yourself from various components and please your pet with a new place for leisure

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Cat Care

Before you buy a lop-eared kitten, think again if you need this particular breed. And if your decision is final, then buy from trusted breeders who value their reputation, monitor the purity of the breed, and choose the right pairs.

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